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Generic Yoshi by vtheyoshi Generic Yoshi :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 4 0 Reaching for Purpose by vtheyoshi Reaching for Purpose :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 2 3 Final Flash by vtheyoshi Final Flash :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 2 0 Tyranid Sketch 02- Termagant by vtheyoshi Tyranid Sketch 02- Termagant :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 9 0 Tyranid Sketch 01- Hormagaunt by vtheyoshi Tyranid Sketch 01- Hormagaunt :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 11 2 Daemonette portrait by vtheyoshi Daemonette portrait :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 1 0 Daemonette by vtheyoshi
Mature content
Daemonette :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 1 2
Daemonette Line art (WIP) by vtheyoshi
Mature content
Daemonette Line art (WIP) :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 1 0
Nintendo Worlds Chapter 2- A terrible new world
Chapter 2
Yoshi laid in a happy stupor, with his brain somewhere between sleep and consciousness for ten minutes.
Eventually, his eyelids slowly fluttered open and he entered the realm of consciousness.
As he was lying down, the first thing he noticed was the sky. He could tell from it that it was night time, but there was something different about it; namely, there were two moons.
What? Exactly what the hell did I drink? Yoshi thought to himself.
Yoshi rubbed his eyes, when he removed his hands, the moons were still there.
Yoshi slowly got up. His legs may as well been made of jelly, as when he got up, he fell back down again.
After a few more tries he managed to get up. He took a look around him.
He was on the edge of a forest. Beyond a few trees was a large expanse of grass which nearly stretched to the horizon. Beyond that the land sloped upwards and Yoshi could see no more beyond that due to the fact that it blocked his view.
This place doesn't seem familiar..... Yoshi thought to
:iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 0 0
Nintendo Worlds- Chapter 1- A Ruined Day.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters and most of the concepts in this story, they are the property of Nintendo and a few other companies.
Chapter 1
Today was no ordinary day, for today Yoshi was throwing his birthday party. He had invited all of his friends and was jumping in anticipation. This will be the greatest party ever! Yoshi thought to himself.
By 13:00 the first guests had arrived.
"Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted out someone with a thick Italian accent.
"Thanks and glad you could make it Mario!!!!!! I made spaghetti and pizza as well!!" Yoshi said to the person at his door, who was of course Mario.
"Wahoo!!!" shouted Mario, "Do you need help with anything?"
"Actually, yes I do", said Yoshi, "Could you set the table, please?"
Of course!" exclaimed Mario. He put down the present he had brought for Yoshi and went to the kitchen to get the silverware.
By 14:00 the rest of the guests had arrived.
"Thank you all for coming!" said Yoshi to all in the living room.
:iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 0 9
Nintendo Worlds Cover by vtheyoshi Nintendo Worlds Cover :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 1 0 Mario, not as you know it by vtheyoshi Mario, not as you know it :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 2 0 Deadly peep hole by vtheyoshi Deadly peep hole :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 0 0 Yoshi's Island Wii U by vtheyoshi Yoshi's Island Wii U :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 0 0 Yoshi's Island Wii U by vtheyoshi Yoshi's Island Wii U :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 0 0 The Utah desert Part 1 by vtheyoshi The Utah desert Part 1 :iconvtheyoshi:vtheyoshi 1 0


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“…that’s why I am never going to another zoo.”
With a sigh, the man turned off the TV.
“On second thoughts,” he wondered aloud, treading wearily up the stairs into the main control room, “I might just stick to blowing planets up.”
“If I had any idea what you were talking about I’m sure I’d lose it fairly quickly,” came a musical-sounding voice from somewhere roughly in front of him.
Yawning, the man replied, “It’s this Tevelision,”
“It’s television, Grandpa,” interrupted Susan.
“Yes, darling, as I said. The Tizelevon that we bought from somewhere in the plural sector – I thought that it was meant to be interesting.”
“It is interesting, Grandpa,” Susan insisted to thin air. She shook her head, and tiptoed down the stairs to see what Grandpa had been watching.
It cruised noiselessly through the dark void, a tiddler in the vast ocean that was
:iconheimdallofgallifrey:HeimdallOfGallifrey 1 0
The Harrison Brothers by SharpWriter The Harrison Brothers :iconsharpwriter:SharpWriter 1,616 71


yo so metroid prime 4 was announced
literally just a title card
why am i so hyped from so little


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Yo, I'm V. Biology student/hopeless junkie

Been on DA for a few years, found the motivation to come back to it and art recently. I draw with whatever the fuck i have to hand, aka a pencil. The stuff I draw tends to be fanart; lot of anime and games, Nintendo and Evangelion in particular (you'll also find some 40k). I do a bit of original stuff and ideally wanna do more in the future.

I hope to improve with practice and experience, feel free to drop a comment or something down below or on any of my uploads.

Check out my anime list if you are so inclined:…

I'm found around [T H E I N T E R N E T] as V, VlaSoul, or Vtheyoshi


Asuka sketch
Sorry about the shitty phone camera quality
Just a quick doodle I made; probably my best attempt at best girl so far but by no means good enough haha
Having the Sadamoto manga to hand as reference was quite handy

That being said I did make her hair way more wild than usual; I think I might just prefer that sort of look all things considered
yo so metroid prime 4 was announced
literally just a title card
why am i so hyped from so little
Reaching for Purpose
Just a sketch of an angel that my friend told me to draw. I decided to make it swole because I believe that the concept of an angel is meant to represent the ideal image of man; this being what I see as said ideal.
also holy shit, fuck drawing hands lol


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